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Website Terms and Conditions
EDENOR S.A. (hereinafter, "EDENOR"), hereby informs that the EDENOR Website is intended to provide the general public easy access to the activities performed and services provided by EDENOR.
Your access to the EDENOR Website will identify you as a website user (hereinafter, the “User”) and will imply your full and unreserved acceptance of all the terms and conditions included in this Legal Notice as effective at the time of a User’s access to the EDENOR Website.
EDENOR hereby reserves the right to make, at any time and without prior notice, any changes in the information contained in the EDENOR Website or the configuration and presentation of the Legal Terms and Conditions of Use of this Website. Any amendments hereto shall have effect immediately upon their publication in the EDENOR Website, and you are accordingly advised to read the Terms and Conditions each time you access the EDENOR Website in order to be aware of them.

Intellectual Property Rights

Any trademarks, announcements, trade names, advertising phrases, drawings, designs, logotypes, texts, etc., appearing on this website are the exclusive ownership of EDENOR or any third parties having authorized the use thereof by EDENOR.
Any use or exploitation of the contents of the EDENOR Website by any means without the prior written consent of EDENOR is prohibited. The design and content of the EDENOR Website is protected under Argentine Intellectual Property Rights Law No. 11723 and Argentine Law No. 22362, and consequently any modification, copy, distribution, transmission, deployment, publication, editing, sale or other use of the design and content of the EDENOR Website is prohibited.
The use of the EDENOR Website for any illegal, abusive, defamatory, obscene or threatening purposes is strictly prohibited.

Warranty Exception

EDENOR gives no warranty in relation to the adequacy or accuracy of the content of the EDENOR Website for any specific purpose, and will bear no responsibility for the reliability or accuracy of any kind of opinion, advice or statement made through the website by any other person other than EDENOR.

EDENOR shall not be liable for any kind of loss or damage caused by the use made by the User of any information derived from the EDENOR Website contents. It shall be the User’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of any information and also of any opinion, advice or other content published in the EDENOR Website. You should request professional advice, as necessary, in order to evaluate any opinion, information, offer and/or content of the website.

Website Links
The capture of any unauthorized hypertext links or data frames from any content available on the EDENOR Website is prohibited by EDENOR. EDENOR reserves the right to disable any unauthorized links or structures, and specifically disclaims liability for any contents that may be available on any sites linked to this Website. Access to other Websites is the User's sole responsibility, and we shall not assume any liability whatsoever for any damages caused by the use of such links.
Infringement of These Terms and Conditions
EDENOR may bring any legal actions that may be necessary in order to seek remedy for any infringement of these Terms and Conditions, including restricting the access of certain Users to this Website.
Use of Passwords. Access to Security Sections
Access to any security sections of this Website which are protected by keys or passwords shall be restricted to duly authorized Users only. EDENOR shall take any actions deemed necessary against any person that is detected while attempting to gain unlawful access to such sections. Please take any necessary precautions in order to protect the privacy of your user name and password, and disconnect from the EDENOR Website when your session is finished so that the site may not be used by unauthorized persons.
Edenor Communications
EDENOR may issue communications with data holders through messages and / or notifications through emails, text messages on mobile phones and automatic notifications at any time. Some examples of these communications consist of news about accounts signed in, due dates, delinquency actions and notifications of electricity outages. Data Holders can avoid receiving messages and / or notifications by requesting it in a written format to EDENOR, through an email (having the necessary mechanisms to prove the identity, such as an electronic signature) or to the Company’s legal address: Avenida del Libertador 6363 Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina.
EDENOR S.A. Privacy Policy Statement
This Privacy Policy complies with the requirements of Argentine Personal Data Protection Law No. 25326 in effect in Argentina as from its publication in the Argentine Official Gazette on November 02, 2000. This law is intended to protect personal data.
The terms of this Policy, effective as from June 15, 2006 and published on: | | | |

  Any person entering his/her personal data on this website hereby acknowledges and accepts the following:  
Data Confidentiality and Protection Policy.

EDENOR S.A. is committed to safeguard the privacy of its Users (customers, vendors and employees). Consequently, EDENOR will use all necessary efforts to protect any personal data furnished by Users through the different EDENOR Websites.

This privacy policy shall apply solely to data compiled by EDENOR S.A. through the above mentioned means, and shall not apply to any other companies or organizations or Websites with which EDENOR S.A. may have now or might establish in the future a commercial and/or technical relationship.

Consequently, EDENOR S.A. shall not disclose or share any data that may be used for individual identification purposes with any other company, organization or individual without the informed consent of the Data Owner having furnished such data (unless required to do so by law or at the request of a court, governmental or regulatory authority).

Whenever data is compiled by EDENOR S.A. through its different WEBSITES, we believe our policy with respect to the use of any information gathered by us should be fully understood. This privacy policy statement discloses the data we gather, the use we make of it and how such data may be corrected or modified.

Specific information for Individual Data Owners

The contribution of personal data is optional for Data Owners, except for any data that may be required in compliance with statutory and/or regulatory requirements.

Each Data Owner ensures that any personal data entered by him/her on any EDENOR Websites is true and accurate, and he/she assumes responsibility for any inaccuracy therein. EDENOR S.A. does not assume any liability for the inaccuracy of any personal data entered by a Data Owner on any of its Websites.

In certain cases EDENOR S.A. will be able to access an owner’s personal data, such as his/her full name, DNI (national identification document), e-mail address or telephone number. Such data is required by EDENOR S.A. in order to carry out is business.

EDENOR S.A. ensures that such data will be kept confidential, and that no third parties outside the company shall be allowed access thereto.

As evidence of EDENOR S.A.’s commitment to the protection of your data, in the event we decide to change our WEBSITE privacy policy any such changes will be announced here, so that you will be able to know at all times what data we gather, the use that could be made of such data and whether they will be disclosed in any manner.

Children's Privacy

As underage children may not be able to fully understand our Privacy Policy and the implications thereof, or validly decide on any options available to our users, we urge all parents, representatives or adults under whose supervision minors may access website to take an active and watchful part in any activities undertaken by such minors, whether upon visiting the WEBSITE or any other company’s website, and to teach them how to protect their own Personal Data while on line.

Data Owner's Options to Modify Any Supplied Data

EDENOR S.A. offers Data Owners – as prescribed by Argentine Law No. 25326 (Right to access, rectify, update or suppress personal data) – the possibility to access, correct, modify and/or suppress any information that may have been gathered in connection with their personal data.
If you need to update your contact data or have any question concerning the privacy of this information, you may access the relevant web page and complete the forms detailed
as ANNEX A and ANNEX B that you will find at the end of the page.

Form for rectification, updating or suppression of personal data
(PDF - 30kb)
Form for exercise of right of access to personal data
(PDF - 11kb)
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